Binding Site: The Specialist Protein Company

August 29, 2022by melidonia0

Binding Site

The Specialist Protein Company

Unique assays

Binding Site is a specialist protein company committed to the research and the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative immunodiagnostic assays and the instrumentation needed to run them for the global laboratory market. With extensive expertise in antibody specificity technology, Binding Site gives clinicians and laboratory staff the tools to significantly improve diagnosis and management of patients across a range of different cancer types.

The Freelite assay has allowed significant improvements in both laboratory and clinical practice for the detection and follow up of monoclonal gammopathies. Freelite has over 3000 publications and is mentioned by name in international guidelines. In addition, FDA-cleared in 2001 for its use in diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma. The Optilite Freelite assay offers a state-of-the-art free light chain testing. Hevylite is a unique immunoassay designed for the identification and quantification of immunoglobulin heavy and light chain isotypes.  Freelite and Hevylite combined provide a monitoring solution for the management of multiple myeloma patients.

Freelite for the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma

The international myeloma working group guidelines recommend Freelite for the diagnosis and monitoring of monoclonal gammopathy in conjunction with other laboratory tests and clinical findings. The Freelite assays quantitively measure free light chains and improve diagnostic sensitivity when used in combination with serum electrophoresis. International myeloma working group criteria for diagnosis of multiple myeloma require the presence of at least one myeloma defining event PLUS >10% clonal bone marrow plasma cell (CBMPs) or a biopsy proven bone or extramedullary plasmacytoma. Moreover, an involved vs uninvolved serum free light chain ratio >100 is now a recognized biomarker of malignancy.

Benefits of testing serum with Freelite

  1. Avoids potential misdiagnosis when a urine sample is not available.
  2. A serum only algorithm of SPE (serum protein electrophoresis) plus Freelite has greater sensitivity to detection of myeloma than SPE plus serum IFE (immunofixation electrophoresis) plus urine IFE.
  3. Earlier diagnosis may reduce disease-related complications such as renal damage.
  4. More LCMM patients have measurable disease tested for serum free light chains levels than urine protein electrophoresis at diagnosis and urine disease monitoring.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE UK) guidelines now recommend SPE and assessment of serum free light chains for screening for monoclonal protein in patients with suspected myeloma.

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