Prosigna: Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay

October 10, 2022by melidonia0

Prosigna: Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay

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The decisions we make about our treatment are taken after careful consideration. When a patient is first diagnosed with breast cancer, a lot of tests are performed. Usually, results from these tests include what the doctor can physically see such as tumour size, appearance of cancer cells and whether the cancer has spread. The results are then combined to help determine an appropriate treatment plan for the specific patient.

The Prosigna Breast Cancer Gene Signature Assay assesses information at a deeper biological level that doctors are unable to access. The Assay gathers information about 50 different genes inside the cancer cells and checks whether they are present, absent, or overactive.

It is important to remember that each cancer patient is different Cancer cells carry their own unique gene traits which can revel information such as how the cancer is likely to progress in the future.

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Prosigna is a genomic test which gathers information to assess the likehood of the cancer returning over the next 10 years, also known as distant recurrence. By assessing the risk of distant recurrence, Prosigna provides a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s breast cancer.

Prosigna uses the PAM50 gene signature to identify the tumour’s unique genetic fingerprint, also known as intrinsic subtype. An automated process combines the intrinsic subtype with other factors such as tumour size and number of involved lymph nodes. Together, this information helps determine the risk of distant recurrence. 

Knowing how the cancer is more likely to behave in 10 years, helps physicians be more confident in the treatment decisions they presently make.

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